Merry Christmas (your present is inside)

Merry Christmas and Season Greetings.

I hope everyone is ready for the holiday season.  This email is my gift to you.

Gartland Technologies is committed to bringing high-quality IT services to small businesses, but I also know that budgets are a huge concern.  That’s why I’ve put together this email full of time saving and money saving software, tips and websites.  I’m sure there’s something in here that you’ll find useful, and may save you a ton of money.

All of these links, and over 40 more can be found on the Gartland Technologies Facebook page.  ‘Like’ it to get them on a regular basis.


IBM Symphony – This is a free Office suite that works with Microsoft Office 2007.

Mikogo web conference – Don’t pay for webex when Mikogo is free…even for corporate use!

Ninite – This website makes it EASY to get tons of free software all at once, with a built in installer too.  A must for any new PC.

On-line Virus Scan – If you think you’re infected, try running an on-line scan first….even if you have an anti-virus program

Gimp – If photoshop is too expensive, then try this free photo-manipulation tool

Safe Web Browsing – This Firefox add-on will alert you beforehand if a link you want to click on is bad or not.  A MUST for avid web surfers.

Facebook Security – this Facebook app gives real-time statistics as to your Facebook settings, security and vulnerability

Windows 7..Cheap – Get a family pack of Windows 7 (3 copies) and a free Cisco wireless router for $149.99

Password Checker – Make sure your passwords are strong enough to protect you.  Check them here!

PAC-MAN – Play Google’s PAC-MAN here

Software security – Secunia keeps track of all the software on your computer and alerts you to vulnerabilities.

We hope everyone has a safe and Merry Christmas (and Happy Holidays).


Greg Gartland, PMP
Owner – Gartland Technologies, LLC
“Big Ideas for Small Businesses”
Ph: 585-298-9284


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