Top 10 Cities for Young Entrepreneurs in 2010 | Under30CEO

Recently Under30CEO ran a poll to find out what the top cities for young entrepreneurs were in the United States. Voters were asked to think about resources, schools, events, climate, and the social scene that a young entrepreneur looks for. The results are in and below we have put together the top 10 cities for young entrepreneurs in 2010.

10. Seattle

Squeezing into the top 10 Seattle makes its mark on the list. Seattle has always been driven by old industrial companies but more recently newer technology and internet companies have begun to call it home. Companies like Amazon and Starbucks call Seattle home with Microsoft, Boeing and Nintendo in nearby communities.

Seattle’s climate while mild year round is still not ideal with lots of rainy and cloudy days. However Seattle’s location in the Northwest gives it a huge advantage in outdoor activities with forests, lakes, oceans and mountains all nearby.

9. Washington DC

DC is an obvious choice for the list with its ideal location to the political scene. Washington has a large number of attractions like the National Mall and countless museums. The area is also home to leading colleges like Georgetown, American and George Mason University. These schools bring a very active social scene to the city which makes it a great spot for young people along with providing numerous resources for start-ups.

Read more via Under30CEO.


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