August is Legal Month at infoTech Niagara

Each month, infoTech Niagara presents numerous seminars around a monthly theme.

August is Legal Month for infoTech with some very interesting presentations on tap.

Fundamentals of Negotiating Software License and Service Agreements

When: Wednesday, August 14th from 8:30 – 10:30am

Where: Phillips Lytle LLP – 3400 HSBC Center in Buffalo

The negotiation of software licensing is not a task most CIOs, CTOs, and other executives are eager to undertake.  Today’s business climate demands that companies increase productivity, decrease costs, and eliminate waste and risk.  However, value is often left on the table by both parties and needless cost and risks are introduced into the acquisition because certain key elements and viewpoints are missing from the negotiation.

Learn skills necessary to leverage your position whether you are a software licensor or licensee.  This seminar is directed to business managers and in-house counsel and will cover:

  • Compare contracting models:  traditional (on-premise) licensing versus software-as-a-service (internet based)
  • Understand the needs, risks, and desires from the perspective of both parties to design a win-win transaction
  • Structure for the licenses you need today with an eye on the future
  • Structure representations, warranties, and indemnifications that are useful and make sense for the transaction
  • Learn to spot the liability  traps that could  harm your business
  • Address privacy and information/data security issues
  • Understand fundamentals contracting for disaster recovery/business continuity planning
  • Ensuring a viable exit strategy is in place
  • Learn how to structure licenses and service agreements to increase the value of you intellectual property portfolio

Speaker Bio: Mr. Popek’s practice is focused on the domestic and international development, acquisition, protection, and commercialization of technology.  His practice operates at the ever-evolving convergence of business and technology .   Mr. Popek has both a bachelors and a masters degree in electrical engineering and, prior to practicing law, he consulted for many high-tech companies, leading project teams and developing systems in the  software, imaging, communications, semiconductor, and medical industries.  Additionally, he has served as an adjunct professor in the fields of networks and communications and has lectured at conferences on emerging technologies, privacy, and information security.

Registration and Continental Breakfast from 8-8:30 am.


Is Starbucks Liable for Megabucks when it’s WiFi Users Break the Law?

– Liability Issues of Access Point Providers

When: Tue Aug 24th, 2010 – 8 to 10 am

Where: Phillips Lytle LLP – 3400 HSBC Center A-31 Conference Room

In July 2010, there were over 76,000 public Wi-Fi hotspots in the United States.  As seen in recent litigation, illegal online activity, such as downloading just 24 copyrighted songs, can bring forth $54,000 in Intellectual Property  infringement fines.  Not only can copyright infringement carry civil penalties, but potentially also criminal liability as well.

To what extent are Access Point providers liable for the illegal activity that occurs on their networks?  Can liability be found for other illegal online activity, such as data theft, or hosting denial of service attacks?  Are there any measures that can be taken by the Access Point provider to limit this liability?

Come learn answers to these questions and more at a presentation given to InfoTech Niagara members, local business managers and owners, and in-house counsel.
Speaker Bio:  Taylan Sen, Esq. is an attorney at Phillips Lytle LLP specializing in Intellectual Property Law.  Taylan spent several years in the semiconductor industry as a software developer prior to practicing law.  He has extensive experience helping businesses obtain patent and copyright protection for their software.

Registration and Continental Breakfast from 8-8:30 am.



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