CSS 2.1 Still Not Final

We all know that CSS3 is not final, nor is HTML5. What you may not know is that the CSS 2.1 specification is also not final.

CSS2 became a W3C recommendation on May 12, 1998, over 12 years ago. Since then the CSS Working Group has been developing CSS Level 2 Revision 1 (CSS 2.1) to correct errors and omissions from the original CSS2 specification. In fact, the CSS2 specification directs people to the CSS 2.1 specification as the de facto current version. CSS 2.1 is a Candidate Recommendation, and has September 8, 2009 referenced as the date of the specification.

The W3C has a slightly confusing progression of a specification before it is considered a “standard.” There are essentially four steps:

1. Working Draft (WD): This is the first time a proposed specification is shown to the public and open for comment.

2. Candidate Recommendation (CR): Significant features are mostly locked and feedback is requested in how to implement the standard.

3. Proposed Recommendation (PR): The specification has been submitted to the W3C Advisory Council for approval. Changes at this point are rare.

4. W3C Recommendation (REC): The specification is final and endorsed by the W3C. This is what the general public considers a final standard.

via Adrian A. Roselli.


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