8 Startup Incubators You Should Know About

One great option for up and coming businesses are the various startup incubators out there. Incubators usually will provide space, mentorship and services to help an entrepreneurs business launch. Many of them also play a large role in assisting a business with getting funding. Incubators are responsible for assisting in the start of thousands of companies each year. You will find incubators in any industry niche like arts, media, internet, fashion, manufacturing and many more.

However like anything else you have to give to get. Most incubators will charge a fee or more likely take some kind of equity in the business for their services. The great thing though is incubators are very selective. As you would imagine they receive way more applications then they can take, but if you get accepted you are in an elite group. That selection process is what puts you in an environment with many great companies and ideas.

Every incubator has an application process and usually deadlines for how many they will take in a given period. So you need to be on top of your game to get in and meet all the deadlines. Below are some of the top incubators out there to look into (these are tech based for the most part).

More via  Under30CEO.


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