List of New Tags introduced in HTML 5

Even though HTML 5 has not been a W3C recommendation yet, its is good to start understanding and working with it because it is the the Future of Web Designing and Development. HTML 5 has brought in some cool new features like embedding audio, video, graphics, client-side data storage, and interactive documents in the Web Pages. It is expected to bring Clarity and reduce development costs by making precise rules on how to handle all HTML elements, and how to recover from errors.

There have been quite a few new Tags which are being introduced in HTML 5 which were not present in the earlier versions of HTML. Also, about 15 tags have been removed from the list. Lets us know about the New Tags here:


The tag defines external content. The external content could be a news-article from an external provider, or a text from a web log (blog), or a text from a forum, or any other content from an external source.


The tag defines some content aside from the content it is placed in. The aside content should be related to the surrounding content.

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