2010 BETA Awards Winners and More

Last week’s 10th Annual BETA Awards were a great success.

infoTech Niagara was happy to welcome over 435 attendees to the event who enjoyed an afternoon trade show featuring 50 local IT companies and the awards dinner accompanied by our now famous video skits.

During the trade show we took a break to join Buffalo’s Mayor Byron Brown  who toured the trade show and joined us for a rally to support Buffalo’s bid for the Google High Speed ISP project.  The Mayor spoke about the impact winning this project would have on the region and the spirit of collaboration which was needed to accomplish the completion of Google’s RFI.

We’d like to congratulate all of our 2010 BETA Award Winners and Finalists!  Your hard work deserves recognition!

Pics of the rally can be found here

Pics of the BETA’s will be available soon

Check out the BETA Vids

This year’s BETA Award Winners and Finalists are:

Best Online:

This award goes to a Western New York company that has launched a new or updated online presence in the last year that resulted in increased business & visibility.

The online presence may be a web site, social networking site, blog, Twitter feed or other online communication method. The presence may be for either the company nominated or for a client of the nominated company.

Winner: clevermethod.com






Best Success Story:

This award goes to an established Western New York organization whose investment in technology in the last year resulted in a substantial growth of jobs or revenue.

The organization must have been in business for at least one year and made the technology investment in the last 12 months. The investment may be a purchase of hardware or software, or an investment in research and development.

Winner: XO Communications


Avalon Document Services



BETA Star:

This award is presented to the Western New York firm that brings unique and innovative products or services to the market, showing promise of major economic growth.

Winner: Advantage Home TeleHealth


Ecology & Environment



New Buffalo Shirt Factory

Corporate Culture:

The Corporate Culture award recognizes the organization that exudes a positive, encouraging, productive, and tech-savvy work environment.

Winner: Shatter IT


Avalon Document Services

I-Evolve Technology Services

Studio LLC


Excellence in Giving:

This award is presented to the Western New York organization that has recently demonstrated an overall philanthropic commitment to the local community through product and/or volunteer service.

Winner:   Applied Sciences Group


Algonquin Sports – Steven Kiernan

RL Computing


Executive of the Year:

This award goes to the Western New York executive (CEO, CFO, CIO, CTO, etc.) who stands out as having achieved or innovated a significant advance or implementation in technology within his / her organization.

Winner: Gunther Kohn – UB Dental School


Deny Adelman – Working Knowledge

Paul Fanara – Aspire Technology Solutions

Fran Murello – Ingram Micro

Herb Stortz – Liazon

Student Award:

This award recognizes a Western New York college or university student who distinguishes his or herself in technology studies, demonstrates solid academics, and possesses good character.

Winner: Alan Katerinsky – University at Buffalo


Ryan McNamee – University at Buffalo

Haricharan Rengamani – University at Buffalo

Harish Shankara – University at Buffalo

Mahesh Venkatramani – University at Buffalo

Techie Award:

This award is goes to the IT professional responsible for making the technology run smoothly at an organization, on a daily basis.

The professional may be an employee or consultant to the organization for which his work his nominated.

Winner: Eli Van Eenwyk – Inergex for his work at Praxair


Mark Cifelli – Chakra Communications

Steven Deitz – RL Computing

Scott Hahn – Tri Delta Resources

Darryl Smith – The PCA Group

Thanks to all our attendees and infoTech Niagara sponsors!


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